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—  Strategy

Building a solid foundation


Great work grows from the careful cultivation of strategy from the start. Positive change in the world is no easy task. To make 'good' happen, you have to plot your every move very carefully. Very. Carefully. Making the most of limited staff time and limited budgets, you need to stay nimble and really stretch creativity.

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We've spent decades in the non-profit trenches, learning the many subtleties of individual organizations as well as the many nuances of fundraising. We know there is no single recipe for success. And we also know that without a clear strategy that fits the unique goals, objectives and expertise of your organization, your project is set-up for failure. Nobody wants that.

"But, we just need a [website, film, print piece]. Can't you just make us a [website, film, print piece]?"  We hear this a lot. Although we love to make just about everything, we don't "just make" anything.

Our goal is to make beautiful products that work effectively for you. We create marketing and fundraising tools researched and designed specifically to catalyze awareness of and/or future investment in your work. The positive outcomes that result from projects executed with carefully crafted strategy speak for themselves.

"We want to [insert great idea], but don't have any money to make it happen." OR "We have built momentum around [insert great idea], raised some money, but are still short on funding." We hear this a lot too. Although we know the frustrations of funding short-falls all too well, we don't ever view funding as "The Problem" preventing great ideas from taking off. 

There are a lot of specific details about your idea that need to be clearly articulated in order to make an appealing pitch and this changes-- in big and ever-so-slight ways --depending on who you are pitching your idea to. And, the funding environment is dynamic and ever-changing, so your pitching strategy needs to line-up with what philanthropic funders are investing in at a given moment. If that is all too dizzying for you, well you can stop spinning. We love to play this particular game of chess!

We're trend-watching junkies with a successful fundraising track record. We have decades of experience writing successful grant proposals that have been awarded over $15 million from a variety of funding sources. We happily bring our strange love of this otherwise vexing realm to the table. Happily!