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Timelapse - Astrophotography


—  Specialty Camera —


Specialty Camera:  DSLR timelapse and astrophotography

For: Smithsonian Channel/Terra Mater "America's Badlands", produced by Mike Birkhead

Info: Timelapse and motion control astrophotography has become a key part of my cinematography toolkit. I enjoy the challenge of pushing the boundaries and finding new ways to film timelapse. This is an example of "selects" from a single shoot over a week timeframe while we were working simultaneously on a separate night behavior sequence. I own a complete Canon + SonyA7R3 + SonyA7S2 full spectrum timelapse and 3-axis motion control kit with fast Sigma Art primes for astrophotography.  Beautiful and creative timelapse will add another dimension to any sequence.  Additional footage by Danny Schmidt (